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weber EXM FR (EN)

weber EXM FR (EN)
weber EXM FR (EN)


  • Lubrication of pump equipment
  • Light fluid
  • Pumpable paste

Mass for the lubrication of the pump equipment before pumping with weber EXM OS.


Product description

weber EXM FR is a cement-based mass for the lubrication of the pump hoses and equipment before pumping with the mortar Weber EXM OS. The mortar should only be mixed with water to make a light fluid and pumpable paste. The product is based on the same binder as Weber EXM OS, a low alkali and sulphate resistant cement.


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Product specification

Material Consumption A 25 kg sack Weber EXM FR gives about 13 litres of finished material.
Application Temperature > +2oC
Water demand Approx. 8 litres/25 kg sack
Ca. 32%
Binder Portland Cement
Initial setting time Approx. 7 hours at +20oC
Open time Approx. 45 minutes

Usage area

Recommended for pumping with weber EXM OS in order to make the start of the pumping easier. The product lubricates the hoses and do the work of pumping of the weber EXM OS much smoother and easier.

Recommended operating temperature +2 - +30oC.



12 months from the date of manufacture in the unopened bags on pallet shrinkwrapped in plastic under dry conditions. Bags that are opened, must be used promptly.



A 25 kg sack weber EXM FR is poured in a mixer with about 8 liters (about 32%) water and mixed by machine for 3-5 minutes either by slow-moving drill with suitable stirrer or with a mortar/concrete mixer to a viscous paste free of lumps. It is important that air is not whipped into the mass.


The temperature must be at least +2oC in both construction and the surroundings under the socketing and during curing the first 24 hours. Please note that the strength development is slow the first few days after the socketing at temperatures below +10oC.


Safety instructions

Along with the humidity and the water the mortar is aggressive to the skin and on the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, and throat, in the same way as other cementitious products. Therefore, use gloves, dust mask and goggles where there is a risk of splashing. The mortar contains no other hazardous substances. For further information, see the current safety data sheets.


Since there are different conditions and requirements that apply in any case, Saint-Gobain Byggevarer AS cannot be liable for other than the information provided in this product datasheet. Examples of information and conditions beyond Saint-Gobain Byggevarer AS’s responsibility (if specially pointed out or not), involves storage, construction, pre¬paration, how the product works together with other products, workmanship and locale conditions. The information provided in this product data sheet is based on our current knowledge and experience about the product. All of the above information must be considered as guidelines. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the product is suitable for the intended use, and also to perform acceptance check and self-inspection control. The user is responsible if the product is used for purposes other than recommended or for improper installation.