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weber Sprøytebetong V B35 M40 (EN)

weber Sprøytebetong V B35 M40 (EN)
weber Sprøytebetong V B35 M40 (EN)


  • D max 4 mm
  • 25 kg and 1000 kg Bigbag
  • Compressive strength B35 M40

Sprayable concrete.


Product description

weber Sprøytebetong V B35M40 is a premix concrete for wetspraying based on cement, sand and fractionated additives. Also available with PP fibres.

For exterior and interior use.


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Product specification

Material consumption approx.  2200 kg/m3 ex loss
Application of the temperature + 5 to +35 oC
Additives Plasticising, stabilising
Minimum thickness Approx. 10 cm
Water demand Max10,8%
Binder Portland cement
The cement type/class Construction cement
Aggregates Natural sand 0-4 mm
Usage time Approx. 30-60 minutter
Air content 3-5%
Frost resistance Yes
Color Grey
Compressive strenght > 45 MPa


Usage area

weber Sprøytebetong V B35 M40 can be used as wet sprayable concrete for shotcrete works.


weber Sprøytebetong V B35 M40 can be stored for 12 months provided dry storage and that the bags are unopened.



The concrete is mixed with clean water. Recommended water is max 10,8%. Approx 2,7 ltr per 25 kg bag, 108 ltr/1000kg of dry concrete. It is in general best to use the least amount of water.

Concrete mixers


The mortar can be pumped with a screw or piston-pump. Applied in general thickness of approx. 2-10 cm. Used as a constructive concrete the reinforcement net must be applied before the shotcrete is applied.

Accelerator can be added in the spraying nozzle.


The concrete is protected against fast drying out by covering with plastic, membrane curer or with water.

Please observe

By the requirement of air content in the concrete, this must be checked on the construction site after mixing. The air content is affected by parameters such as mixers and blenders, mixing time, mixing sizes, water addition etc. Dosing is done best with the liquid plasticizer, often in diluted edition if the mixing batches is relatively small. Plasticizer is dosed in along with the mixing water. Use the exact measuring cup under the dosages of plasticizer, and check/adjust the amount of air to the appropriate content is achieved.

Practical advice

Tools to be cleaned with water before hardening of the product.


Safety instructions

Along with the humidity and the water the mortar can be aggressive to the skin and on the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, and throat, in the same way as other cementitious products. Therefore, use gloves, dust mask and goggles where there is a risk of splashing. The mortar contains no other hazardous substances. For further information, see the current safety data sheets.


The information that is given in this data sheet is based on our present knowledge and experience about the product. All of the above information must be considered as a guideline. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the product is suitable for your intended application and carry out their own control. The user is responsible if the product is used for purposes other than recommended, or by the wrong execution. We are gladly at the disposal of guidance in the use of our products.

All deliveries from Saint-Gobain Byggevarer as is according to our present sales and delivery terms, and found accepted by order.