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weber Betongflyt (EN)

weber Betongflyt (EN)
weber Betongflyt (EN)


  • Durable
  • Final wearing layer
  • Exterior and interior use

Pumpable floating concrete with high surface strength.


Product description

weber Betongflyt is a pumpable floating concrete that gives a finished wear layer. It is based on special cement, sand and additives to achieve good flow properties, low shrinkage and good adhesion. Grain size < 2 mm.

The material can be mixed and hand-applied, or it can be applied with Weber’s automatic mixing pumps and pump trucks.

The product is frost resistant and suitable for both exterior and interior use.


The surface must be clean and free from dust, cement skin and laitance, grease, oil, loose particles or other contaminants that may prevent adhesion. The substrate tensile strength should be at least 1 N/mm² (MPa).

weber Betongflyt applied on insulation or non-bearing substrate should be reinforced as standard screeds. Use the reinforcement chairs to hold the net in the correct position.

Minimum layer thickness for reinforced floating floors is 40 mm.


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Product specification


PR-number: 319870

Material consumption 10 mm = 20 kg/m², 50 mm = 100 kg/m²
Application temperature +8-25°C
Recommended thickness 10-50 mm
Minimum thickness 10 mm
Maximum thickness 80 mm
Water demand 3,5-3,75 litres per 25 kg (14-15 %)
Binder Cement
Aggregate Natural sand 0 – 2 mm
Fiber Yes
Frost resistant Yes
Compressive strength Class: C50 – NS-EN 13813
Flexural Strength Class: F7 – NS-EN 13813
Shrinkage 28 days: < 0,50 mm/m – NS-EN 134542
Flow rate according to Weber standard 160-190 mm
with Weber standard method 99:03 (flow ring 35x68 mm)
Density Ca. 2050 kg/m³
Chemical requirements (of cured material) pH: > 12
Exposure class XO/XC4/XS3/XD3/XF4/XA1 according to EN 206-1

Field of application

weber Betongflyt is intended for floors with medium traffic and heavy rolling loads and high demands for smoothness.

Drying/hardening time

Before foot traffic: 8-12 hours
Before light traffic: 24 hours
Before normal traffic: 1 week

By exterior use we recommend surface protection using weber moisture barrier to avoid too fast drying. Apply weber moisture barrier when the material is ready for foot traffic.


When stored unopened and intact under dry conditions, shelf life is up to 12 months from date of manufacture. Strongly cooled material may endanger certain additives not have time to dissolve during mixing.

High temperature in the material can change the material flow properties, e.g. the material gets a shorter pot lift (open time) and putting them too early.


Pre-treatment of substrate

The substrate must be primed with weber.floor 4716 Primer. The priming is carried out in two stages. The first coat diluted primer: water = 1: 5, the second coat primer: water = 1: 4. Initially priming should be performed by brush and worked well into the substrate. The primer should be dry and formed a film before applying weber Betongflyt. Substrate temperature by application should not exceed +8 °C.

On smooth and hard surfaces we recommend mechanical pre-treatment, e.g. shot blasting, grinding etc., before priming.
An alternative to primer is to grout the surface with weber REP 05. The concrete substrate wetted and grouted with weber REP 05. Apply weber Betongflyt wet on wet with grouting. This solution is a good option, especially outdoors.

The temperature of the venue and the substrate should be 8-25 °C. Avoid drafts and direct sunlight.

For outdoor use, the surface should be protected from direct sunshine. The surface must be protected against rain the first day after application.


Mixing is done in larger mixing drum or mixer with space for 3-4 bags (customizable volume 75-100 liters). Mix weber Betongflyt with 3.5 to 3.75 liters of water per. 25 kg bag (14-15%). Pour a portion of the water into the mixing drum. Then add weber Betongflyt. When emptying the bags into the mixing drum, keep it in an underpressure with a vacuum cleaner to reduce dust. Add the rest of the water and mix the material together into a homogeneous, lump-free liquid compound. Mix with a drill and propeller whisk (mixing time 3-4 minutes).

Use Weber automatic mixing pumps. The water content is set at 14-15% added water to the mix. Control the correct water content with a flow test. By correct water content the flow test lie in the range 160-190 mm (according to the Weber standard (68x35 mm float ring). During the flow test it should be checked that the material hangs well together, is homogeneous and does not separate.

Note! Do not add more water than necessary to achieve a good result!


For application pour weber Betongflyt into smaller mixing buckets. Start in the farther end of the work area and distribute the mixed screed in parallel with an end wall, finishing by an exit/opening, using a steel trowel, toothed spatula or spike roller to assist the self-levelling process and achieve a smooth surface. If possible, use two mixing buckets to ensure there is always fresh screed available during the application. At room temperature the material can be processed in about 20 minutes.

weber Betongflyt should be pumped onto the substrate in lengths of maximum 10 meters. Each new length should be applied in the previous wet on wet with an overlap of about 5 cm as quickly as possible, so that the material can flow together into a smooth layer. During application use a steel trowel, toothed spatula or spiked roller to assist the self-levelling process and achieve a smooth surface, and to avoid foam and hose marks. Use the trowel in the same direction as the hose.

Adjust the application width to the mixing pump’s capacity and layer thickness. The width should normally not exceed 10 meters unless special delimiters. If you want a floor with high smoothness it is very important that the application width is small and that weber height marks are used. Use weber.floor 4965 stop list as dividers.


weber Betongflyt is ready for normal traffic without coating, but for esthetic purposes or chemical load it is recommended to use a suitable impregnation or lacquer/paint system. Using water-based systems, which are dependent on the drying, the surface should be thoroughly dry before application.


Safety instructions

The product contains cement that mixed with water can be aggressive on the skin and on the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and throat. Therefore use gloves and safety glasses. A good skin protection might be a chemical protective cream (Kerodex).
For further information, see the current safety data sheets.


Since there are different conditions and requirements that apply in any case, Saint-Gobain Byggevarer AS cannot be liable for other than the information provided in this product datasheet. Examples of information and conditions beyond Saint-Gobain Byggevarer AS’s responsibility (if specially pointed out or not), involves storage, construction, preparation, how the product works together with other products, workmanship and locale conditions. The information provided in this product data sheet is based on our current knowledge and experience about the product. All of the above information must be considered as guidelines. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the product is suitable for the intended use, and also to perform acceptance check and self-inspection control. The user is responsible if the product is used for purposes other than recommended or for improper installation.