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weberfloor 140 Nova (EN)

weberfloor 140 Nova (EN)
weberfloor 140 Nova (EN)


  • Environmentally friendly. Low CO2 footprint
  • Pumpable - fast and ergonomic laying
  • Fall construction and thin sparkling
  • Fiber reinforced
  • Low-alkali

Levelling of indoor floors in flats, offices and public buildings and can be applied with adhesion as well as floating floors.


Product description

weber.floor 140 Nova is a pumpable, fiber reinforced, floor levelling compound for floors. The material requires a light mechanical smoothing with a notched trowel to achieve a surface flat and smooth enough for floor covering. The material is supplied as a dry powder containing high alumina cement, sand, supple-mentary binders and additives. Maximum grainsize is 3 mm. The product is controlled by third part, SP The swedish research and and testing institute and CE-marked.


Suitable substrates are different concretes, screeds, wooden boards, stone and ceramic tiles. The surface strength of the substrate has to be over 0,5 N/mm².

The relative humidity of the substrate must be <95%.

The substrate has to be free of loose particles and contaminations which avoid a good bond. If nessesary the surface layer of the substrate has to be removed by grinding and facing. Loose wooden boards has to be fixated.


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Product specification


Material consumption 5 mm = 8,5 kg/m2
10 mm = 17,0 kg/m2

Application temperature +10-25°C  
Hardening time
before foot traffic 2-4 hours on insulation 6-8 hours
before common traffic Final floor covering after 1-9 weeks depending on the layer
thickness and drying conditions
Minimum thickness 5 mm  
Maximum thickness 60 mm  
Water demand 4,2 liter pr. 20 kg sekk  
Internal use Yes  
Outdoor use No  
Compressive strength
Compressive strength class C20 EN 13813
28 days Mean value 26 N/mm2 (MPa) EN 13892-2
Flexural strength
Flexural strength class F5 EN 13813
28 days Mean value 6 N/mm2 (MPa) EN 13892-2
Adhesion strength
Adhesion strength of the
> 1.0 N/mm2  
28 days < 0.4 mm/m EN 134542
Flow rate    
  220-230 mm Weber standard (ring 68x35 mm)
  130-145 mm Flowring 50x22 mm
Water permeability NPD  
Physical requirements
Reaction to fire A2fl s1 EN 13501-1
Chemical requirements
of cured material pH-value 10.5-11  
Binder A special cement-blend  
Additive Admixtures to improve adhesion and levelling. Casein free.  
Aggregate Natural sand and limestone powder,
max grainsize 3 mm.
Fibres Yes  
Recommended water content 21 %  
Pot life 20 min (after adding water)  
Wear resistance
RWFC Class RWFC 250 EN 13892-7
Impact sound insulation NPD  

20 kg bag, big bag 1000 kg and bulk

Field of application

weber.floor 140 Nova is suitable for levelling of indoor floors in flats, offices and public buildings and can be applied with adhesion as well as floating floors.

Drying/hardening time

Floor covering can be installed after 1-9 weeks depending on layer thickness and drying conditions. High humidity of the substrate and poor drying conditions prolong the drying time.


Storage time in dry conditions and closed packages is 6 months.


Pre-treatment of substrate

Holes and leaks in the substrate should be sealed. Floor drains etc. should be protected with lids and separated with stop ends.

The substrate has to be vacuum-cleaned and primed with Floor 4716 according to the instructions in the datasheet. On unhomogenous substrates and for floating constructiones Floor 4945 glas fibre mesh has to be applied.

For floating constructions wall insulations stripes has to be applied on each horizontal building part which is in contact with the screed layer.


weber.floor 140 Nova is mixed into clean water. Suitable water amount is 21 % (of the powders dry weigth), which corresponds to 4,2 litres / 20 kg bag.

Pot-life is 20 min. from mixing with water. The temperature of the screed must be at least +10°C. Warm water (max. +35°C) can be used at low temperatures. The flow properties of the screed are checked before and during pumping. Excess water causes separation and weakens the strength of the screeded surface, therefore do not use excessive amount of water.

weber.floor 140 Nova can be mixed with an automatic screed mixer approved by Weber (e.g. Weber mixer pump 860 or m-tec duo mix 2000).

In manual mixing the screed should be mixed with a strong drilling machine beater for atleast 2 minute.

Directions for use

The building must have a roof, and windows and door openings must be kept closed. During the levelling work and for at least 1 week afterwards, the substrate and ambient temperature should not fall below +10°C or rise above +25°C.


The maximum width of the pumpable area varies from 6 to 8 metres depending on pump capacity and application thickness. Wider areas can be temporarily divided with stop-ends. Pumping is carried out in sections so that a new section is pumped as quickly as possible slightly on top of the previous layer. A wide steel trowel is used to assist the self-levelling process.

weber.floor 140 Nova can be used in apartments, offices and public buildings.


Draughts on the floor surface must be avoided during the levelling work and for 3 days afterwards.
After the screed is ready to cover a top layer has to be applied. If this is not possible especially for floating constructions, Floor 4716 diluted approx. 1:7 could be applied to prevent too fast drying out.

When the surface can bear foot traffic, the levelling layer at the structural movement joints of the substrate should be cut e.g. with an angle grinder. The joints can be filled with an elastic jointing compound.

The levelled floor can be covered with e.g. ceramics, terazzo tiles, PVC, linoleum, cork and floating parquet.


Practical advice

Equipment and tools can be washed with water immediately after use. Hardened material has to be removed mechanically.



Since there are different conditions and requirements that apply in any case, Saint-Gobain Norway AS cannot be liable for other than the information provided in this product datasheet. Examples of information and conditions beyond Saint-Gobain Norway AS’s responsibility (if specially pointed out or not), involves storage, construction, preparation, how the product works together with other products, workmanship and locale conditions. The information provided in this product data sheet is based on our current knowledge and experience about the product. All of the above information must be considered as guidelines. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the product is suitable for the intended use, and also to perform acceptance check and selfinspection control. The user is responsible if the product is used for purposes other than recommended or for improper installation.